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Vegetary – Chinese Cuisines People Would Love To Eat



Chinese food

Chinese food is considered to be unique as well as prominent cuisine  in  worldwide and is one of the attribute which allures tourist towards it. Chinese noodle with pork is popular among the people in south and in  north China  people  prefer wheat which helps in making breads and noodles making it healthy for the people. They also eat sorghum and millet. Talking about noodles and rice,  the chinese food is incomplete without these two.  Cabbage and Tuffo ranks on the second number after the noodles and rice in chinese dish. These two vegetables are functional in all most every dish of china whether noodles or rice or dimsums etc. These two are the most eaten of all the vegetables.  

Sweet potatoes are popular eaten snacks by Chinese.If  we talk about meat in China  then pork and poultry are the most prefferable of all and is acompanied by almost every dish and thus  are quite popular among the chinese people. The people of china are more of health conscious and prefer healthy lifestyle over a lazy one then obviously the food they eat is also very nutritious. Whether its  their breakfast, lunch or dinner , therir health is never compromised. For breakfast, their intake is very light like rice porridge, Chicken noodle soup or deep fried pasteries that tastes more like donut. If we talk about lunch then their favourite for it is eggsrolls and dumplings filled with meat and pork. Comming to dinner, a typical chinese dinner includes vegetables with bits of  meat or seafood, soup and rice or noodles.


The attributes which makes the food eye catchy , flavorful and  fragmented are the color,taste and the presentation in which the food is being prsented. And chinese people are very particular in all these things. Thus the manner in which the food is presented is very alluring and unique making one go crazy for it. Its food generally starts with the chili garlic and spice which makes the chinese cuisine divine. Chinese have a very healthy diet and lifestyle, thus making a proper count of proteins and other nutirents being added in their food. Although, the people of china likes eating pork and meat but the ratio of starch, vegetables, and rice wuld be more than it.


Types Of Chinese Dishes


One of the most lovelable and popular street dish in northeast as well as in other states of India is DIMSUMS. Small maida rounded balls served with the fillings of chicken or vegetables with spicy and yummy red sauce and mayo.


Is it not great to start your dinner with hot and spicy HOT AND SOUR soup? It is made with no. of vegetables like cabbage, onion, capsicum etc and soya sauce which is the most important ingredient in all the chinese dishes.



Yummy and tasty starter full of spices and flavours offers you fiery delight. It is easy to make at home and not only kids but are adults favourite as well.


Filled with lots of vegetables and spices, spring rolls are one of the most liked snacks by the people. The vegetables in Spring rolls are wrapped  in maida  and then are deep fried.




A simple and flavorful stir fried rice and tofu mixed with different sauces is a unique and a prominent main course dish to be eaten in your lunch or dinner

chinese rice

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