Pao bhaji

Vgegetary- Street food that you can”t miss for sure!


7 Street Food That You’d Want To Buystraight Away

Street food is a ready to eat or a go to go snack sell by hawkers, vendors or small shopkeepers nearby in the street or public places such as in a big market place or near shopping complexes etc. We live in a country food is a paradise for Indians and specially for delhities. And the street food is now trending all over the Delhi and considered a best snack due to its lower price and good amount of quantity it serves. It tastes heavenly and its flavors makes one drool for it. The state Delhi is famous for its street food specially for its Chaat Pakodi, if you visit Delhi and did’nt taste the street food then you reallt think you even visited? NO, because the state Delhi is incomplete without its spicy and savory food available at the streets where people stand in long ques just to have a delightful after having it. And standing in longs ques does not ever goes in vain because people come all over from india just to have the chaat of Delhi, thus if you ever visit Delhi then you should try it, otherwise guys you have missed something something real good. 


So lets have a look at some delectable street food Delhi


One of the heaviest , yet everyone’s favorite Chole Bhature is made with White Chana and flour. It is basically a dish which is liked by almost everyone in various states. It is a combination of Chana and bhatura made with Maida  and is often eaten in breakfast. Perfect for breakfast meal, and makes you full till your lunch.It is one of the popular Punjabi dish and is famous among delhities. Sundays mornings in the home of Delhi are more likely to be no cooking morning because Sunday is booked for Chole Bhature in most of the families. Must try dish if you visit Delhi plans to try the street food.


Gol Gappe also known as Puchka or Pani Puri at rigions of india is one most the most desired street food of Delhi. It tany taste with the spicy mixture of Aloo, Chana, Peas and spices added into the puri and then dipped into tangy and spicy water and curd.  Golgappe is the all time favorite snack for people and best suitable if you are little hungry or want to eat something spicy yet something light.

Gol gappe

Aloo chaat is simple yet a delightful snack to have in market while you are quite hungry and would like to have something light yet yummy. Aloo chaat is made from deep fried Aloo and peas blendwith spices and lemon.

Aloo chaat

Mixed with tangy and mint chutney are these amazing ram daalos ,one of the most recommended chaat of Delhi often available at market places like Rajouri market, Sarojini Market, Lajpat Nagar. These are small laados of besan deepfried in oil and is served and garnished with Mint chutney,  corriander chutney, pepper and raddish. If you love  spicy food then you should go for it.

Ram ladoo

Bhelpuri is a delicious chaat originating from Indian subcontinent and mostly eaten in Delhi and Bombay. It is a midday snack generally available at market places. Bhelpuri is a mixture of puffed rice, onions, capsicum, tomato, pepper and many other vegetables. 

bhel puri

Vada pao is a dish originated from Mumbai and is now trending in Delhi as well. It  has vada  stuffed between two pao and red chilli powder. Green chillis are an add if you love spicy food.

vada pao

Pao bhaji is a popular Indian dish that consists of mixed vegetables mashed and made with spices and served with pao and garnished with corriander and onions.

Pao bhaji

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