Living up a lavish life with the luxuries in hand had somehow given immense pleasure and happiness to the people but definitely not to our nature and to our motherland. And this is or can be the reason why we are all locked up in our homes letting our earth heal from all the major disasters  we have done  to it and undoubtedly  the credit goes the pandemic faced by each one of us and has created a fear for people to go out and chill.

The pandemic of coronavirus likely to be called as Covid -19 caused by the transmission of an infected virus has created dreadful conditions not only in India but whole worldwide. Generation of the coronavirus took place in China, and after creating a big havoc in China it reached out to many other powerful countries like Italy, Germany, Spain, US and now currently attacking India and worsening the situations here. In such an epidemic of this disease, several researches from outside the country revealed that the only way to get out this is to maintain social distancing. It is the only medicine or vaccine that can be followed for now and can get us all out of this problem. So, the government giving the highest priority to human life stopped   every other work and decided to conduct lockdown in all over the nation to control down the situation. 

And so, here we all are practising social distancing in our homes. I know it is quite exciting for some days at homes without any workload, just us, but then the graph of happiness keeps decreasing, and boredom starts striking our heads. The same happened to me in initial days but after counting on to my many books and after enough of scrolling social media, I finally decided to use this time for me and turn on to my other hobbies which were actually lagging behind. So, after an hour of a thoughtful process, I decided to learn cooking from my mother which I have been always passionate about (only at a younger age though).

So, here are some quick 20 mins quarantine recipes which you can make at your home which would make your quarantine a useful work.

  1. CAKES

If you are social media person and active on your social accounts then you must have seen a large number of audience baking cakes and cookies. Baking cakes, mug cakes and cookies has been the most favourite activity of people now a days. Not only general public but even the celebrities are baking and sharing the recipes of the same.


Pizza are the hightlights of the some famous dishes which are liked by children as well as adults.  


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