healthy food

How Healthy Food Can Make You Happy?



Healthy food

Healthy diet is essential for a good and Healthy lifestyle. A  balanced diet is known as a healthy diet which  helps us enabling the proper functioning of a body. Our body needs good amount of nutrition to carry out all the work for a long  tiring day and this strength comes from the nutritions that we intake from our food that is Protein, Carbohydrates, Fats ,vitamins and minerals. Balanced diet and a Healthy lifestyle is a key to maintain perfect posture  and  staying in a good health and having a balanced diet itself is a  pleasure as it is a very important part of a daily routine.

Although Fatty and sweet food are good in taste but its excess intake may Harm your body in a very bad way but now if we look into the food items then sweet and carbohydrated fatty food is  included in our balanced diet according to the modern eating as now we are all available with sweet and sugar free desserts as well. The balanced diet doesn’t need to be followed daily but it should maintain an equilibrium to stay healthy. The people who are fat or may not have a good body posture should follow the balanced diet but the balanced diet. Although a good diet should be followed by everyone like if a person is fit that doesn’t mean that he or she should not follow a good diet including all the nutrients of all type.

healthy food
healthy food

As qouted right, HEALTH IS WEALTH. What we eat is what we get. What we intake is the result of how our body will react

healthy food

Healthy diet is not always about the strict limitations of eating green vegetables and fruit as well as protein food but one should include some fatty foods in it as well as the healthy or balanced diet comprises of every vitamin, protein, mineral that is necessary for your health. Following a proper lifestyle of health and a good diet does not mean maintaining complete isolation from junk or staying away from the food you love rather  it means to feel great about what you are eating and should not harm you in a bad way.

A healthy diet comprises of 

– Vitamin A

– Different types staples 

– Wheat 

– Barley  

– Rice a starchy food or fruits like potato Yam and cassava 

– Legumes like lentils and Beans
– Fruit and Vegetables
– Food from animal sources like meat fish eggs and milk

 Fruits and vegetables
Varieties of fruits and vegetables plays an important role in the life of a person for building a healthy lifestyle as they are the source of vitamins minerals proteins protein and antioxidants are found to have a lower left of the city heart diseases from Diabetes and a certain type of cancer.

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