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Vegetary- Why is Indian Cuisine considered best among all




INDIA and Indian Cuisine shares an immense courtship which can’t be ignored and if we talk about India then it is officially named as Republic Of India and called as Bharat in Hindi is a country in South Asia. It is the Seventh largest country by area, second most populated country and  the second most democratic in the world. It is bounded by the Indian ocean on south, the Arabian sea on the Southwest and the Bay Of Bengal on the southeast. Shares land borders with Pakistan to the west, China, Nepal and Bhutan to the North,Bangladesh and Myanmar to the East, and has a boundary of Sri Lanka and Maldives.

Occupied by the greater part of South Asia,  is a constitutional republic consisting of 29 states, each represented by its own capital and run by its own ministry of affairs. India has seven union territories and Delhi, the national capital territory, which has New Delhi, the capital of India.

For administration purposes, India has been divided into smaller pieces. Most of these pieces are called states, some are called union territories States and union territories are different in the way they are represented. Most union territories are ruled by administrators sent by the central government. All the states, and the territories of Delhi, and Puducherry elect their local government themselves. In total, there are twenty-eight states, and nine union territories.


If we talk about India then one thing that comes in our mind after hearing it is the  family culture, or The country India is known by its  social ethics and one’s family values. The people here are culturiezed and nourished by the love of their family and thus can do  anything for their family’s well being. India has a colorful and a decent culture filled with enormous varieties of people comprising from Punjabi, Rajasthani, Bengali to the south people. Each and every country shares its personal and different culture and ethics. All the work, occasions whether weddings, festivals etc are celebrated in their own styles with all the rules and rituals being followed. Their way of doing everything is very unique and prominent. Each state is segrigated by its own language, dressing style and the food that they eat. Each state has its own importance and wonders to be seen in each of it.  It offers you diversity and unique places to visit. Each place has its own speciality in food and places to visit.

People here are known for its hospitality and  values and the their way of treating people. But in today’s time the culture of India is a mix of modernisation and some ethic values. Here you will find the warmth and love in the hearts of the people and their fondness will melt your hearts. The elegance and beauty found here is not found anywhere else in the entire world



The Indian cuisine is one of the most finest and diverse in world has an unique and authentic taste of varieties of spices, grains , vegetables and fruits across  India. The cuisine of each different state has a unique and prominent  taste and provides you with a blend of different flavors. It has a mixtures of food items made with a prominent recipe.  The culture beliefs and ethics has a vital role in the formation of individual dish.Its unique blend of different types of cuisine has been formed from the large and vital cultural interactions with different neighbouring regions as well as countries such as Asian and Persian etc. The outside world has been an important element for the formation for the evolution of the Indian cuisines not only in India but Indian cuisine has an effect on the other parts of the world and specially on the people of South East Asia as it is now one of the most popular and prominent cuisine around the globe ,enjoyed not only by few  but  by a large variety of population. If you look around, the Indian  is spread almost around the world, each country provides you with some of the Indian cuisine including countries like China, Italy , America and U.S.A as well.


Bengali food is a culinary style food  being originated from Bengal. Considered to be rich and strong in its different platters ranging from snacks to dessert. The most basic and dominant in Bengali food is fish which is considered to be an prominent meal in its own. A variety of spices and mixes of flavors are used in order to prepare a Bengali dish. The people of Bengal likes food rich in spices and the common one being used are haldi, jeera, lal mirch,  ginger, rip coconut,  onion , etc.


Gujarati food originated from Gujarat has a blend and mixtures of variety of spice and has a texture of sweetness in the food. Not only drooling and lip smacking but is also high in its nutritional values. Different cooking style and varieties of food are being prepared keeping in mind the nutrition and health of the people. The health is the key factor which is kept in first place. The add on of a  variety of flavors makes food even more delicious and savory.  


Kashmiri food originated from Kashmir , the mini  switzerland of India is famous for its unquie and variety of food.


Rajasthan, the state of India is a paradise for all the food lovers because the food being served here is very unique and apietizing. Rajasthani cuisine is a mixture of varieties of flavors which makes it different from others. The different cuisines of Rajasthan makes it a prominent state of India. The dishes are  rich vibrant and colorful just like its own culture and heritage


Punjab is one of the well off states of India and is considered to be one of the wealthy states. And the people of Punjab are known for their gratitude and their way of attending and welcoming people with their specialities in food and how can one forget about the khatti meethi Lassi.

The food of punjab is known as one of the most tasty and flavorful cuisines.  It is considered to be the state which provides us with lot of Green vegetables  and fruits and thus is one of the main source of vegetables aNd cereals . 


South Indian food has earned much fame and popularity in the back few years and is coming up as one of the most preferable cuisine of India. The meal comprises of different cuisines from five different states i.e  Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andra Pradesh and Telangana. It offers large variety of veg as well non-veg dishes providing you a unique and authentic taste.

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