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Vegetary – What Is An Italian Cuisine All About?



Italian Bruschetta

Italian cuisine has a variety of different ingredients which are commonly used for making the food. It generally ranges of fruits, vegetables, sauces, meat. Northern as well as southern Italy  offer you different kinds of cooking  like the north of Italy is mostly famous for fish, potato, rice, corn, sausages, pork and cheese being the most common ingredient of northern as well as southern Italy. If we talk about Italian cuisine then it is generally been defined by its simplicity and its taste. The Italian chefs  uses  less amount of ingredients ranging from three to four because, as per them ,the quality is what that  matters the most but not the quantity. Thus,  they concentrate more on the quality of the ingredients rather than focusing on the quantity. The  ingredients vary from region to region, every region has a different taste and dish which is famous or a must try , although all the dishes are  prepared in North as well as South area  but, the speciality  of Northern Italy is represented through pasta, risotto and fish. Different kinds of pastas are served but along with it, risotto, fishes and seafood dishes are also common in Italy   if we talk about Italy or Italian cuisine then pasta is a main thing that comes in our mind and does Italian cuisine is known for its variety of pasta.

If we talk about Italy or Italian cuisine then one dish that crosses our mind is  pasta.The Italian cuisine is known for its variety of pasta including  noodles , Spaghetti and pasta too  in various length, shapes and sizes . They are being served in different shapes and sizes and are generally called as macaroni, spaghetti, lazania. They all are prepared with the pasta sauce ,different kinds of vegetables like onion, capsicum, baby corn, mushroom  and some amount of cheese as well.The food of Italy is more than just pizza and spaghetti and there is a wide range of  eatables served to you.The varieties of ingredients and flavors are to that extent that you may experiment with them in your home as well.

If we talk about  Pizza, the vital of all then, it  came into an existence in 10th century and is referred to as one of the inventions for the innovative dishes of the world. It consists of East flat bread topped with tomato sauce and different types of cheese ,obviously it does not end there. The Italian pizza is incomplete without the use of different kinds of vegetables like onion, capsicum, mushroom, tomato.  It has a special place in everyone’s heart whether  a child or an adult, craves for Pizza anytime or the other and it can be eaten in breakfast, lunch as well as in the dinner.

The second most famous of all after pizza, comes the spaghetti. This famous dish of Italy has been originated from the kitchens of Rome and is made with the help of different component which is the reason why everyone loves to have spaghetti or pasta.



Pizza is a flavorful dish of Italian origin consisting of a usually round, flattened base of the purpose floor dough with tomato sliced over on the top with onions and other healthy vegetables like capsicum, olives, corn, mushroom, tomato, baby corns etc. 




One of the most oldest form of pasta is considered to be the lasagna having different layers of pasta in form of sheets filled with pizza sauce, vegetables and cheese. One of the most amazing baked dishes of Italy.

Italian Lasagna

Focaccia is a type of bread just as similar as the pizza dough. It is generally used as a side with many sandwiches, and is eaten by different kinds of dips. It is an Italian cuisine served as an appetizer.

Italian Bread


One of the most popular of all and liked by almost everyone is the Spaghetti pasta prepared with pasta sauce, cheese and vegetables. All the pasta lovers out there can’t imagine life without Spaghetti. 

Italian noodles

A northern Italian rice dish cooked until it gets soggy and cream like substance. It  contains cheese, onion, and butter. It is considered to be the most common way of cooking rice in Italy.

Italian Risotto

Bruschetta is an Italian dish served as starter with sauce or a dip. It is a type of garlic bread made with bread, vegetables, pizza sauce and cheese. It is considered to be a perfect snack to enjoy with friends or family.

Italian Bruschetta

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